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10:42:24 24/06/13

5YLQZd tnqjfbxeahes

16:51:22 21/06/13

I've been meaning to post for a few days now so I'm filanly getting around to it!! First off you two are sickingly cute!!!! Secondly you've seen Christmas Eve on Sesame Street ?!?!?!??! Awesome. And thirdly glad you got to see Just Like Heaven cause it's the cutest movie ever. I *heart* Mark. Keep us posted on the haps w/ da boy and I'm rooting for you two!! ;)

chris lenstra
20:44:10 22/12/07

heey danie dit is wel mijn vaders emai adres
en een lueke site wle joh

20:31:35 24/11/07

heery schatje hoe is het kusjes je zusje renee